How to find the right job candidates?

by Vipajijobs

Posted on November 27, 2018


According to the biggest recruiting challenge in 2017 was the shortage of skilled candidates. Companies are facing biggest challenges trying to find job candidates! To find the right job candidates, recruiters have to have a well-planned and developed recruiting and hiring strategies. When putting together a strategy like this, it is important to understand that the process of Talent Acquisition never stops.

Steps to find the right job candidates

Here are 7 key steps that will help you find job candidates easier and faster:

1. Know your ideal candidate,If you don't know who your ideal candidate or candidate persona is, you will not be able to find job candidates and attract them. Knowing these people's characteristics, motivation, skills and preferences is extremely important for finding candidates that are a good fit for your company.

2. Engage your current employees,Use your current employees to understand why do they love working with you.

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