"Why should we hire you? »The right answer in the interview

by Vipajijobs

Posted on October 13, 2018


Here is another typical interview question in which the candidate is often disconcerted . What to answer to give an impression of competence and honesty,without being pretentious so far?

The recruiter's goal

The purpose of this question is to allow the recruiter to see if you are able to showcase your skills and test your motivation . He also wants to check if the candidate understood what the vacant job was, and if he really thinks it fits.

Not being able to answer it, as with all other trick questions , will prove to the recruiter that you have not done enough work preparing for your interview and will not play in your favor. So, what to answer to this question?

What to answer?

It is not a matter of driving your competitors through fallacious arguments, simply to show that you are the most suitable candidate for this position by putting

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