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Posted on: July 18,2019

Job Description

I. Visit customers according to company plans and information
II. Search for target customers in the local market according to the company's goals
Target customers:
(1). Mainly sell our main products or our planned products.
(2). Customers who own their own fixed brand accessories sales
III. Collect, summarize, summarize the situation of each visited customer and the content of communication through the customer's visit, and the feasible method of achieving cooperation, and feedback the company regularly.
IV. Follow-up of customer orders
V. The order arrival status is promptly fed back to the company (the quantity of arrival, the arrival package, whether there are quality problems and other problems)
VI. Invite potential customers to visit the company's accessory sample showroom and facilitate customer orders
VII. Sample showroom and management of sample sales
1. Regular finishing and cleaning of the sample showroom
2. Responsible for the cleaning of old samples and the formation of new samples
VIII. Send back daily workday report to the company (monthly salary assessment standard)
IX. Weekly video conference calls with the company, reporting on the results of the week's work, problems encountered and next week's work plan.
PS: The work report will be handed over to the corresponding salesman in this area.

Skills and Qualifications

I. Have good English skills for language and text communication (or can communicate in Chinese)
II. Engaged in sales work in the auto parts industry or other related industries (no relevant experience, but excellent personal conditions);
III. Must be a local Algier or a better understanding of the geographical environment of Algier.
IV. Hardworking, punctual, and have a strong initiative in the work;
V. After the training of our company, we can basically grasp the communication methods with our customers;
VI. It has high execution ability and can complete the tasks assigned by the company on time.

Job Details

Preferred Candidate

Job Ref: JOB5164 Years of Experience: 10
Job Location: Algiers,Algeria Residence Location:
Company Industry: Automotive Gender: Male
Job Role: Sales Nationality: Unspecified
Employment Status: Full Time Education: Secondary/High School
Employment Type: Employee
Monthly Salary Range: Unspecified
Number of Vacancies: 1

Application Instructions

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